Wholebeing Journey to Costa Rica 2018

Here are the details of the Prasada Wholebeing Journey to Costa Rica, May 19-26, 2018. If you missed my invitation you can read it here. If you want to discover the business benefits you may experience from a trip like this read Alice Dommert’s My 5 Unexpected Business Benefits from My Trip to Blue Osa, Costa Rica. 

This 7-day trip is a journey to an extraordinary place, fresh, farm-to-table, organic meals, opportunities for rest, relaxation and connection with yourself and others in one of the world’s most beautiful natural environments. You can enjoy the beach, the pool and some amazing spa options and there are many adventures, from horseback riding to kayaking and a jungle zip line that you can explore.


Why go on this trip with us?
If you’ve had Costa Rica on your “places to go” list this is an easy way to get a beautiful taste of what the country has to offer. Maybe you are curious and want to try yoga at your own pace, or if you have experience as a yogi, to deepen your practice. Perhaps you have heard the buzz about mindfulness and are trying to understand what it is all about or are curious about a meditation practice. Each day we’ll offer a Wholebeing Practice to give you a chance to experience and build on what feels good for you

We all need a change of scenery, and time to step out of the routine, a time to rest and get perspective. Though a variety of practices we’ll guide you to cultivate calm, clarity, strength and ease; share a way of living simple, connected, whole and well. In Costa Rica they call it Pura Vida.

Meg Townsend and Alice Dommert, your guides for this journey, have spent years cultivating an array of mind body practices. A trip like this allows you time to have those casual conversations about how any of these practices might support your life. You’ll get to ask the questions, and have the conversations, beyond what we offer in our corporate programs.

Alice Dommert, Wholebeing Architect


Alice Dommert has a background as an architect, exhibit designer, interpretive planner and storyteller. Thes skills transitioned to her current work as the CEO of Prasada, a corporate wellness company. See her Prasada bio here.

“On this trip, I want to share the journey from a type A personality to someone with a very different life. There were many miles traveled between being an architect and exhibit designer to being a speaker, writer and teacher of Wholebeing practices. The journey has lead me to a place that is beyond my wildest dreams of a joyful life.

Costa Rica is a place that I go to reconnect with nature and hear what is true for me, my joy and my purpose and keep finding the calm and clarity to make every day of my life reflect that truth. I want to help you hear your own whispers about what is ready to shift and grow in your own life. I’ll be sharing the practices of yoga, mindfulness, meditation, positive psychology, conscious breathwork and biophilic design practices that can help support your connection back to nature for your own Wholebeing.

But most of all I want to share my deep, deep love and reverence for yoga. It has been the guiding path of my life.”

Meg Townsend; Yoga Master and Wholebeing Guide

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Meg Townsend has a background as a classically-trained singer, holistic healer, teacher and obsessed travel planner (she was crafting imaginary vacations in her teens!) She now utilizes those skills as co-founder of Aluna Adventures. She is also proud to be a senior teacher with Prasada. Read her Prasada bio here.

“I want to share with you the powerful practices of slowing down and tuning in. The sweetness that you can tap into when you meet yourself right where you are, with acceptance and allowance. That softening is strength, and you possess the capability to create that daily calm. These ancient wisdom traditions of Yoga and Ayurveda have been powerful agents of transformation in my life and I am dedicated to sharing these practices with every person who is open to receiving them.”

Journey Focus/ Philosophy
Alice has been writing and speaking about the three environments we live in. The mind, the body and the built and natural environment. Each of these affects the other. We’re taking this journey to have a beautiful natural environment provide the wonder that often gets lost in the bustle of daily life. When that natural environment is feeding you with sounds and smells and beauty of every kind, you’ll soften and relax. No effort is required, and your body will respond with delight.

With that stage set, you will enjoy simple, fresh food that will truly nurture your body. You’ll move with ease and have the chance to rest and explore yoga on a different level.

With this saturation in nature and a relaxed body, the mind can more easily find calm, clarity and insight. Neuroscience research shows that relaxation precedes insight, similar to when you are in the shower and get a great idea. With insight the mind shifts and then, in turn, it changes the brain’s structure and your body’s physiology. All three are in continuous rearrangement in response to the others.

We’ll expand your capacity to detect and leverage how each of these three environments can help you to more easily manage the bumps in life and find meaning, purpose and joy.

Here’s what a typical day will look like
6:00am                    Light Breakfast
8:00-9:30am           Yoga Practice: Gentle Morning Practice with Alice or Meg
10:00am                  Brunch
11:00- 12:00pm       Wholebeing Practice* See details below.
12:00-4:30pm          FREE TIME
4:30 -5:45pm           Yoga: All-Levels yoga practice with Alice or Meg
6:30pm                    Dinner

Blue Osa is an intimate, beachfront eco-resort off the beaten path. It was built from the ground up as a sustainable micro-grid that runs mostly on solar power with the intention to leave the smallest footprint possible and live in harmony with the environment. Their mission to provide us, their guests, with an unforgettable experience that nourishes body, mind and spirit.


So what does this mean for you? A week at an extraordinary place, healthy organic, fresh food, opportunities for time to rest, relax and connect with yourself and others. A place to explore and learn more about yoga, mindfulness, and positive psychology so you can bring the ease of Pura Vida in Costa Rica back to your own life.

Our group of 14 will have 4 rooms for double occupancy (2 double beds/room) and 2 rooms for three people (3 double beds/room). The rooms are spacious and have private baths, gorgeous furnishings, lots of drawers, and refreshing ocean breezes. Our hope is that you’ll be coming with your best friend, mother, partner or sisters to have the time that is hard to find at home to really relax and connect with each other. If you are traveling solo, let us know and we can connect you with others who are considering the trip to help you find roommates.


There are many beautiful, quiet spots to rest near the pool, the ocean edge and near the cocina, the open kitchen and dining area. There is a small lounge near the staff offices with complimentary wireless internet access. If you want some deeper relaxation and healing there are some spa experience offerings including signature facials and body scrubs and Thai and Deep Tissue Massage in addition to a Chinese Medicine acupuncturist.


The yoga studio on the second floor has open sides with views over the beautiful gardens and the beach and ocean. Meg Townsend and Alice Dommert will offer daily yoga classes, mindfulness meditation, and conscious breathwork sessions. We’ll also offer several positive psychology mini-workshops so you can explore new tools to bring home with you. There truly is nothing like lying in savasana after a yoga practice soothed by the sounds of the nearby waves. It’s a special practice space.

Here are a few more frequently asked questions about Blue Osa.

WA_Costa_Rica_041811 012 (1)

Dining at Blue Osa seems to match the rhythms of the day, the place, and their belief that “nutritious food is not only the foundation for a productive life but is also an essential for a happy one.” The food is delicious, healthy and organic, served with the freshest ingredients possible. Meals include a light breakfast at 6am, brunch at 10am, a snack at 2pm and dinner at 6:30pm.

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Their organic garden provides fresh vegetables and herbs along with mango, guanabana, starfruit, citrus, bananas, coconut, avocado, papaya and pineapple. Additionally, they grow their own spinach, yucca, and other root vegetables. Every day, farmers bring freshly laid eggs to the cocina and the red snapper and mahi-mahi are freshly-caught by neighboring fishermen.

It’s an international gourmet menu (with tasty desserts) prepared under the guidance of Chef Marie. The menu is primarily a vegetarian menu but with chicken and fish options and slight adjustments can be made to accommodate requests that are submitted prior to our arrival. See a sample 7-day menu here

Typically the lovely meal hosts at Blue Osa prepare a special drink each night available before dinner and bar drinks are available as additional incidentals.

Your Wholebeing Journey includes

7 nights and 8 days at Blue Osa, a private and remote eco-resort (Check-in begins at 2:00pm on Saturday, May 19th and check-out is by 10am on Saturday, May 26th, 2018.)
4 farm-to-table fresh meals each day
chemical-free pool
access to miles of secluded jungle beach
daily yoga classes, mindfulness, and positive psychology offerings to build your Wholebeing practices
free wifi and internet access
airport transfer from the Puerto Jimenez Airport to Blue Osa
all taxes and gratuities

Not included:

R/T flight to the San Jose Airport and R/T flight from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez (Here is how to get there information.)
specialty drinks and bar drinks
spa treatments including massage and acupuncture
adventures including jungle hikes, zip-line, chocolate tours, wildlife tours, surfing, horseback riding, surfing and fishing
travel insurance

Upon receiving your registration and deposit we will send you all the information you will need to make your travel arrangements.


$2597/single accommodations
$1997/double accommodations (Please email Meg Townsend at aluna.adventures@gmail.com to confirm availability.)

Cancellation Policy
The Trip Deposit is non-refundable, non-transferable.
For Trip Balance: cancellations before 60 days receive a 75% refund, cancellations before 30 days receive a 50% and cancellations within 30 days or less receive no refunds, no exceptions.

For any additional questions or inquiries please contact Meg Townsend at aluna.adventures@gmail.com or call (215) 317-6411.