The Deliciousness of Being Slow – Lessons from a Pineapple

by Meg Townsend
June 3, 2019

I had the most delicious pineapple of my entire life last year when Alice I were guiding Prasada’s WholeBeing Journey to Costa Rica. Every morning we’d rise with the sun and head over to the dining area for fresh coffee and a bit of fruit before morning yoga. At first, I saw the pineapple and wasn’t sure I’d like it. It was a different color that I was used to with pineapple, much whiter and with some seeds, rather than the seedless, yellow pineapple I was used to.

Let’s just say it was love at first bite with me and this Costa Rican pineapple. At some point during our week there, I learned that it takes AN ENTIRE YEAR to grow one of these pineapples. Upon learning that, this fruit became more precious and spectacular. The care and time put into seeing this plant from seed to harvest was pretty impressive.

This is one of the things that I love about Costa Rica, and a lesson that I brought back from spending time with the land there. There is a juicy slowness about everything there, a deep connection to nature and listening to her rhythms.

After a week of sinking into this slower pace, I felt every cell of my body start to settle into a deeper sense of peace and calm. I slept easily every night and woke up without an alarm. I didn’t feel the need to be tied to my phone every moment and instead found pleasure in simply watching birds fly around the grounds of our retreat centre. Taking time to settle into this slower rhythm helped nourish and rejuvenate every part of my body and mind.

We live in such a fast-paced and impatient culture, where we want everything yesterday. The speed at which our lives are moving is taking a toll on every part of our being. We are insatiable and simplicity is undervalued. But we can choose a different pace, we can move against the stream and swim to shore for a rest sometimes, knowing that it will ultimately serve us invaluably.

Your time on your yoga mat is the perfect place to practice this slowing down. Hold a pose a few breaths longer, move slowly like you’re moving through water, stretch out the length of your breath in a way that feels comfortable and easy. And most importantly, let yourself luxuriate in savasana (the final resting posture) for a bit longer than you think you should. Notice that as you choose to embody the deliciousness of being slow on your mat, the benefits start to extend into all areas of your life.

Meg Townsend

Meg Townsend

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