Lessons from Nature and Breathing Trees

by Meg Townsend
May 28, 2019

Every morning I wake up and the first thing I see is this most beautiful tree outside my bay windows. Since moving to my new home in September, I’ve had the opportunity to see this tree in all its phases. Interestingly enough, these phases not-so-coincidentally reflected the similar changes of life I was experiencing.

First, the dying and shedding of the leaves (at that point in time I was ending an 8-year relationship and significant chapter of my life.) Next, the bare branches, seemingly dead but actually just in a deep state of dormancy…frozen and covered in snow (reflecting the time I needed to take during the winter months to slow down, go deep within myself, and process/grieve the losses I experienced in 2018.) Finally, the coming of Spring: new buds, sprouting leaves, expanding with life and potential (and just now, I’m finally feeling like I have a bit more breathing room in my new chapter of life…opening to potential and new possibilities!)

Here at Prasada, we explore and guide you in understanding the three environments we all inhabit: our minds, our bodies, and in nature. The cycles of nature each come with their own particular beauty and necessary process, as do the cycles of our lives. When we are able to surrender into those cycles and processes, we tap into wisdom deep within our cells.

If you’ve been looking for a little extra breathing room as of late, nature is happy to support you in that process. Check out this¬†fascinating article¬†(and a must-watch video) that shows the annual cycle of how the Earth breathes and how trees support our breathing in a most vital way. The month of June shows a most exciting transition!

NASA | A Year in the Life of Earth's CO2
NASA | A Year in the Life of Earth’s CO2

To celebrate this transition of more leaves and therefore less carbon dioxide and more oxygen for us all, join me in practicing tree pose outside today, by your favorite tree. As you find yourself getting more grounded during this posture, then let your arms expand (hang onto the tree if you need a little extra balancing support) and take a few slow, deep, even breaths. Use this time to reconnect to the beauty and wisdom that lies within you and the nature that surrounds you.

Be well,

Meg Townsend

Meg Townsend

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