Pure breathing

by Meg Townsend
July 7, 2019
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Your greatest ally

Are you aware that in this very moment, you have instant access to the most powerful tool that can help steady, focus and calm your mind? And that you have continuous daily access to this tool. And the most amazing news…it’s FREE?! Your breath is your greatest ally, and I want to share a practice of pure breathing so you can utilize this tool.

The ancient yogis were quite fascinated by the breath because they recognized that it’s one of our body functions that happen on its own, yet we also can control it. You can’t consciously tell your liver to metabolize or your heart to beat, but you can consciously shape your breath as often as you choose. A huge connection they made was the relationship between the breath and the mind. They realized the patterns of your breathing reflect the patterns of your mind. An excellent example of this is when someone is sobbing loudly or having a moment of panic, we see the breath change to a more erratic and intense pattern. Whereas a meditator’s breath is typically smooth and quiet. 

Pure breathing

I remember when I first started learning about and practicing breathwork, my mind was blown away at this realization. I didn’t need a fancy posture, practice, or mat to shift how I was feeling, but it was as easy as coming back to the breath. This began a year-long commitment to practice pure breathing as much as I could remember to do so, and my mind hasn’t been the same since…in the most wonderful ways.

Before pure breathing, my mind felt like a wheel that was constantly turning and swirling with thoughts. As I stayed with my pure breathing practice, these thoughts began to quiet and slow down. I even started to experience moments of more clarity and stillness, and this rippled out to benefit not only my mind but also my body. I felt (and still feel!) an overall sense of calm and steadiness, that has served me in all areas of my life.

Without further ado, I present to you the practice of pure breathing. This breath practice is simple and can be done at any time of day and is safe for everyone to try. There are five qualities that you want to cultivate in this practice of pure breathing:

  • Deep
  • Smooth
  • Continuous
  • Even
  • Quiet

My 30-day challenge to you is to do this practice at least once every day. I’ve created this 6-minute Pure breathing audio for you to follow along with until you start to feel comfortable practicing on your own.


As you continue this practice, begin to notice shifts in your mind and body, not only during the practice but throughout your day.

Each breath is a gift, so enjoy this practice and the gifts you receive from pure breathing!

Meg Townsend

Meg Townsend

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