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by Alice Dommert
September 13, 2013
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Last week you read about ideas of how to incorporate Yoga into your commute and this week we’re taking it even deeper. The more you can incorporate Yoga into every part of your day, from getting an MRI to making dinner for the family, the more benefits you’ll reap. Our years of survey reports from clients show that over time, the reported benefits increase from simply feeling calmer to boosted immunity and increased joy in life. You can do Yoga all day, every day! Here are more ideas as to how you can easily fit it in.

sit pretty
Be mindful of your posture. Raise your chair high enough so that your elbows remain at 90 degrees as you type. Sit with the hips at the edge of your seat and both feet flat on the floor (or try yoga blocks if you have short legs). Let your knees be at hips-width distance. Bring awareness to your breath, inhaling to lengthen the spine, exhaling to engage the core.

create room to breathe
De-stressing is easier said than done, but our own minds and bodies have more capability in this area than most of us realize. As Yogis, we practice poses (asanas) and breath energy/control (pranayama). These are physical ways to use the body’s innate power to relax and focus the mind. Stress is manifested physically and causes heightened heart rate, erratic breathing and overactive sweat glands. All of these symptoms of stress can make the emotional feeling even worse.

Next time you are feeling the effects of a stressful day, try sitting with your hips all the way back in your chair, let chair back support you. Bring both hands to your belly and close your eyes. Inhale through the nose on a slow count of 6 into the very bottom of your belly, sending your navel outward. Hold the breath for 6 slow counts and then slowly exhale out through the nose for 6 slow counts, drawing navel in, emptying lungs completely. Hold the exhale for 6 counts and then begin the inhale again. Do this for 6 rounds, focusing on nothing but the breath and the movement of the belly. This is will help slow the heart rate and allow the mind to clear.

let it go
There seems to be a notion out there in the world that in order to benefit from Yoga, one must “go to Yoga” several times a week and twist oneself into wildly difficult poses at the feet of a highly lauded guru. Those types of classes can be beneficial in their own right, but much of the benefit of practicing is in small, daily gestures. Become a little more mindful, take an extra minute to notice how you are moving or sitting, take more care in the way you breathe. Let go of the myth that “going to Yoga” is Yoga!

Although we can all agree that having an extra few hours to practice in the week would be awesome, know that Yoga can happen anywhere, anytime. So sit back at your desk, take a deep breath and smile, you’re practicing right now!

Be Well,
Megan Tefft
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