Leafing behind

by Alice Dommert

As fall finishes and winter takes over, the last leaves are falling from the trees. Even after all the raking, they seem to leave tidbits of themselves everywhere. Leaves always “leaf” something behind.

So do we. In many different ways. Every action, and interaction, every word, every breath leaves something behind. Not in the physical way a leaf does. Often what we leave behind is odorless, vaporless, intangible. And so much more powerful.

Wood with bark in heart shape and red ribbon on a board

Often it is easy to think that we are hiding what is inside of us, the sadness, or pain or joy. Really we’re more like one of those huge screens at a football game. Your words, expressions, gestures, how you walk, and stand, and breathe, all reflect, and project, it ALL. Sometimes you can fake it with people you don’t know that well. They don’t recognize the breadcrumbs you are leaving behind.These little gifts you “leaf” behind are happening every day. It’s not a holiday gift kind of thing.

With the people who know you, they know every mood. The really perceptive friends can even detect what is happening, the weather inside of you, often before you even feel the rain. That is a true friend. The one who asks if you are okay, before things become a torrential storm and you leave unwanted debris behind for the rest of the day.  These friends can also help make the tiny bit of glitter that much more spectacular. There is no discernment in the way things are shared…sadness and anger, frustration and disdain are shared in the same way as curiosity, passion, joy and love.

When we care for ourselves it is what I call an avalanche of benefits. I share laughter and love and peace and joy with you. You share it with another and things change– for the better.  It costs nothing and yet we so often forget that when we care for ourselves it matters beyond measure.

During the holiday season, take note of what you are “leafing” behind. You are fantastically more powerful than you could even imagine. Use your power for good. It will come back to you multiplied beyond your wildest dreams.

A practice…to build up, and “leaf” behind lots of heart energy, try a mini YES meditation to open your heart to all that is in abundance this season. Think of three abundance experiences of the season that you look forward to…even the ones you may not be able to do this year. See each of them in your mind and feel as if you are there saying yes, thank you and being filled with gratitude. See the people around, feel the sensations of that moment, taste the flavors, or hear the sounds and smells of that experience. Breathe into that feeling of abundance and exhale with a silent Yes. Do this for each of the three experiences. Notice how you feel and how you feel towards others after this mini meditation. Soften into your heart and leaf this feeling of abundance and gratitude behind.

Repeat as necessary.

Alice Dommert

Alice Dommert

Founder, Wholebeing Architect

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