bring summer inside

by Alice Dommert

This summer I read The Blue Zones: lessons for living longer from the people who lived the longest by Dan Buettner. This book chronicles the search for and summary about the cultures where people live the longest and what it is that they do to live long and happy lives.

peasOne of the things they do is plant a garden in their backyard. This requires regular low intensity movement with a wide range of motions that is easier on the joints physical activity and is sustainable. Just 45 minutes of gardening burns from 100 to 200 calories. Research has also shown taking care of plants, and having them around lowers stress hormones in the body.

Gardening is awesome because it also provides fresh fruits and vegetables with a higher nutrition content since they are directly picked from your garden. The fruits and vegetables in the store can sometimes sit for two weeks in transit or on a shelf. It also gets you more connected with the food you’re eating by watching it grow from a seed into a fruiting plant.

This summer I decided to grow a garden myself in the backyard. I grew up to 10 different types of vegetables and have been enjoying them all summer long. I have also given them as gifts to friends and family. This experience has been fun and exciting for me. I’ve gotten to really get to know myself through gardening. I enjoy the process of growing, harvesting, cooking, and eating food.

It may feel like summer is over and the outdoor time is waning. While plants indoors don’t require as much exertion to take care of you can still enjoy the stress reduction benefits of tending to them and having nice herbs and green life around you all winter.
Explore making a terrarium or even some air plants to bring some summer inside this fall. There is always next spring and summer to have a garden. Getting seed catalogues and planning your garden can be a wonderful winter activity and carrot to get to spring.


Alice Dommert

Alice Dommert

Founder, Wholebeing Architect

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