Come and find yourself. Come and find your people.

Are you looking for time and space to gather with others for support and growth?

Experiences to build your sense of being whole?

At Prasada, we have spent over fourteen years refining the art of coming together to create community.

Sometimes it’s for short online connections, which can feel good. And yet it’s being in person, together, that seems to impact people the most.

The following Journeys embody our commitment to bring us together for live, in-person experiences.

We will gather to inspire, engage, and empower you on your path of thriving through health, purpose, and joy. That’s what we call wholebeing.

Please join us for one of our upcoming Journeys this year to connect to yourself and our amazing Prasada community.


**We are in the stages of growing our new website, and you can check out all our Journeys by clicking here and heading over to our new site!**

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