Workplaces that encourage full engagement

Think outside the cubicle. Prasada helps make your workplace a beautifully-crafted tool for improving health and productivity.

  • Biophilic design brings natural elements into the workplace, in ways that are proven to increase wellbeing and productivity
  • Ergonomics that make the working environment more comfortable and efficient for the human body
  • Positive environments that embody the principles of positive psychology and support the growth of the whole person
  • Help at every stage:
    • Plan: Help the team design more human, more inspiring, smarter spaces
    • Redesign: Make the best use of the spaces you have
    • Select and integrate: Help choosing and arranging furniture, materials, acoustics and lighting as an integrated environment


Biophilic upgrade

  • Introduce natural elements throughout the workplace
  • Incorporate images of nature
  • Create spaces that encourage community

Re-use of wasted spaces

  • Understand your organization’s use needs
  • Repurpose spaces for better function
  • Effective multi-purpose space use

Light and sound

  • Assessment of sound and light in current spaces
  • Recommendations to create peaceful, useful ambience
  • Implementation

“ No-nonsense, really cost-effective for us, and great with the details and final touches. ”