Policies that promote wholebeing in the workplace

Prasada helps you develop policies that reflect your organization’s philosophies to support and engage employees’ wholebeing at every level.

  • Incentivized wellness policies designed to improve individual health accountability
  • Work/life balance policies such as sick vs personal days, maternity and family leave and required sabatticals
  • Daily activity policies, including breaks, snack and meeting food options, standing meetings and more


  • Time off: Examine vacation, sick time and personal and family time policies for opportunities to incorporate wellness and wholebeing.
  • Food in the office: What’s available for snacks? At office functions? When and how are meetings fueled?
  • Healthy meeting policies: Consider including stand-up and walking meetings. Provide powerful incentives to move while thinking and interacting with colleagues.
  • Sit-Stand and treadmill desk options: Choice of workstation set ups.

“ A great partner in my wellness efforts. ”