From Chair to Mat – Yoga in the Workplace

by Alice Dommert
June 6, 2013
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In honor of National Employee Wellness Month,we wanted to share with you the successful journey of one of our weekly yoga classes. Amy Kovatis, our talented instructor in Roseland, NJ, has enjoyed guiding a group of yoga participants from the chair to the mat. The dedication this particular group of students has to their overall wellness may just inspire you to take your practice to places you’ve never imagined!

“The majority of my corporate class students had no previous exposure to the practice of yoga. Beginning their practice in a chair was such a wonderful way to allow them to start on their journeys! I must say that I found chair yoga to be a wonderful new opportunity to bring yoga to those who may have otherwise shied away from it.

I certainly was not surprised at the transition from chair to mat as all of the students in my class were extremely receptive and ready to delve into the world of yoga right from the very beginning. With that said, the transition was quite seamless and many students reported that they felt more comfortable practicing yoga on the mat versus the chair. I think they were surprised at the ease of the transition.

Over the time that I have worked with this particular group, I have witnessed transformations in so many of them. There is a very tangible positive energy within the office and among those who participate in the program.”

So, what’s holding you back from exploring pushing through what you think your boundaries are? Give it a try! Follow the lead of Amy’s class in Roseland and be brave and do something you didn’t think you could!

Sign up for that dance class you’ve always been too nervous to take. Go try out the new mat yoga class in your neighborhood. Enroll in that healthy cooking class at your local food co-op or market. Invite friends (new and old) over for some delicious smoothies (here’s one of our favorites) and talk about your favorite wellness book.

Get moving, nourish yourself, connect, and BE WELL!

Alice Dommert

Alice Dommert

Founder, Wholebeing Architect

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