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by Alice Dommert
March 18, 2015
Health Tech, Yoga

I get super excited when I see new possibilities, though I have to say the few devices that I have had, including several versions of the fitbit, a zamzee and heart rate monitor, have left me frustrated. They all seem to do one or two things and my overactive imagination wants the device to do more.

Now I need to pause for a moment here. I’d invited a group of new friends together for a dinner party over the weekend and the iWatch came up. This was a group of health conscious people and there seemed to be interest. We talked about how devices have fluctuated between getting bigger and smaller. It was an experienced group (most of us over 45 yrs old) so we also paused to realize in the last 30 years how far we have truly come with technology. I noted in college it took one entire semester to program a 3-dimensional cube. Now you know how old I am…

Technology has not been part of my life since birth. Yet, I am so excited at how technology is changing the face of health and wellness. Having my music in a small device (remember how we lugged around the walkman!) that I can take with me has changed my workouts. The right music can totally change my energy level and how much I push myself.

The iWatch looks like it’s my dream. It tracks your steps, monitors your heart rate, has my music, I can text and more.  I don’t even care what else it can do beyond that. I’m in love. The videos gave me chills of excitement. I know I’m a bit of a health geek. For me, this burst of adrenaline and desire to test this thing out is just another tool in my motivation toolbox for keeping me engaged.

What’s in your toolbox? What keeps you motivated and working toward wellness? Is it running a race, new shoes, fitting into a special dress, wanting to look, and feel, awesome in a new relationship?

How can you leverage what “really matters” to you to keep you moving, healthy and engaged in your health—and your life?

Love to hear from you. And let me know if you get an iWatch!

Be well…it’s a state of mind.

Alice Dommert

Alice Dommert

Founder, Wholebeing Architect

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