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by Alice Dommert
December 10, 2014
Health Tech, Positive Psychology, Yoga

“Mom, I’m going to apologize before I even say this but…well, I think your business is kind of ah…silly.” I raised my eyebrows, but did not respond when my adorable 15-year old son told me this at dinner a few weeks ago.

“Yeah, I mean, I’m all about science, and well, you’re yoga stuff…well.. it’s not about science.” I must say this kid drives me crazy. But most of the time he is just calling it like it is. He says what so many people think, but just won’t come out and say.

He thinks we are so different but I’ve been on the lookout for the research science world to catch up to what many who practice yoga know. Those who practice yoga know it affects our minds. We know that moving our bodies in certain postures and certain sequences effects how we feel and live our lives.  Truly we don’t care about the science. That’s not what keeps us coming back to practice yoga. But many people in our modern culture need that science validation. The time is here.

When I heard Tal Ben-Shahar, one of the preeminent Positive Psychology leaders and the father of “being happy” speak recently I was so excited about his messages. When I logged on to his organization, the Wholebeing Institute website and discovered Yogaspire, I was beyond excited. Yogaspire is described as “where the new science of positive psychology meets the ancient practice of yoga. Based on science, the foundational principle of Yogaspire is that every psychological state has a physical corollary – and vice-versa. Because of this body-mind unity, we can create, enhance, and fortify psychological states through physical poses.”   Check out more details HERE and watch a short video and see what it’s all about.

Now…how to tell my son.

Be well,

Alice Dommert
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Alice Dommert

Alice Dommert

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