It’s September! Let’s get Strong

I remember about ten years ago waking up and feeling drained, frazzled, and with a multi-page to-do list for the day. I felt unprepared, overwhelmed, and weak. I thought, “I don’t want to feel this way. I want to feel and be strong.” 

It wasn’t clear how I would get there or exactly what being strong meant to me. It was clear that something in me was unwilling to settle. I was curious and ready to explore.

Now, I can reflect that being strong means three things:

Physical Strength: This fall, I will celebrate my fourth Anniversary of regular CrossFit workouts, five days a week at CrossFit MFP. I have worked out regularly for my entire adult life; however, the structured, progressive format of functional movement with CrossFit and some extraordinary coaches has created a strong and balanced body for me. Also, when necessary, I can shovel snow and mulch and carry bags of concrete and air conditioners. 

Mental Strength: In our Resilience, Growth, and Joy Training program, we recognize and cultivate resilience to “bounce back beyond" and harvest life’s challenges and stressors into increased abilities to adapt, grow, and keep going. It’s about learning to navigate the thinking traps we all fall into that are our biggest barriers to resilience so we can recognize and play in the eddies of joy swirling right at our feet so often. 

Character Strengths: This one was the biggest surprise. Again, with some great coaches and teachers, my world expanded to understand Positive Psychology and the foundation of Character Strengths as the hidden superpowers we each possess. There was nothing new to learn, but more a discovery of my powerful values and innate gifts that I learned to appreciate in myself and see in others. While this has been of great personal benefit, it also has initiated a significant positive shift in my relationships. 

In September, we’ll explore all three ways of being strong as we explore the month’s theme of Strengths. Check out our Community Events, including Coach Marco Dapkey's program to demystify CrossFit and other programs to identify and use your unique combination of superpower Character Strengths. I hope to see you in one of the programs. 

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