Wholebeing SOS

Our team is missing you and we wanted to stay connected. Here are our offerings for this week and then some additional services being offered by our larger Prasada team below if you want to connect with your instructors.

These moments to pause, calm and connect with yourself and others just may be the lifeline that helps you through.

We want to hear from you. What do you need and want? Email me at  and check out our Prasada Facebook page to find more Wholebeing SOS Tips.

Private Instruction

To discuss private yoga sessions on Zoom, contact Meg Townsend.

To discuss private mindfulness instruction on Zoom, contact Jack Curley.

Other Prasada Team Offerings

Check out Maria DeNoda’s YouTube Channel with over 300 fantastic yoga videos.

Our Wholebeing Guide Meg Townsend has created online offerings to support you called Practices for Unsteady Times. Weekly yoga, meditation, and movement classes to support you in navigating emotions that might be arising. They’ll leave you feeling stronger and steadier in your daily life.

Ready to explore CrossFIT? Even during this shelter-at-home time you an begin, not special equipment and you can get one-on-one coaching with some amazing coach from CrossFit MFP to start right where you are. This is where Alice Dommert trains and it is a fantastic, real in-person and now online community.