Joy is essential....not optional

For many organizations, the new normal at work is still under construction. Many new foundations and structures are under construction to regain a solid footing. Many are trying to rediscover some of the joy in work they felt before the many changes.

I know I’ve had to push through sometimes when a lot is on my plate, but that’s only sustainable for so long before I crash. 

Rebecca Newton, Ph.D., an organizational and social psychologist, shares in her article, Rediscovering Joy at Work, that joy research indicates joy is not optional; it’s essential. 

“This isn’t just an idle need for something fluffy; research has shown that joy is an emotional response and outlook that’s vital to our well-being, cognitive functioning, and our performance at work.”

Newton has a few recommendations, and the first one, “to build your strengths into your day,” resonated with me.

First, however, do you know your strengths? Think of your strengths as your superpowers, the things you do naturally with little effort that energize you. 

My first top strength is being creative. I have significantly more energy and joy when I work on new ideas, design a retreat, or customize a program for a particular client’s needs.

My next top strength is my love of learning. I’d like to say the picture above is the rare day I have a pile of books stacked at my elbow, but that would not be true. Learning makes me feel alive, and reading about what others do to make their way on this roller coaster called life fuels my joy. 

As we focus on Joy this month, can you identify your strengths and how to use them to bring more joy into your day?

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