The Nourishment of Gratitude

As we continued to explore the theme of Nourish in January, I wanted to share a little about my experience last week at our Costa Rica Retreat. There was morning chanting as we sat on the beach at sunrise, moving our bodies in new ways at the Infinity Classes, Container and Yin yoga, and Intuitive Movement classes. 

All those activities were preparation for four Infinite Breathwork Journeys. (Yes, "just" breathwork can take you on a journey). We rode the waves of the incredible music as each person explored their unique path of self-discovery. 

There is no way to describe what happens "on the mat" in those journeys. Yet, we discovered there was a way to express the gratitude we had for each other, that we were there, for, and with each other. 

Each person received a piece of paper taped to their back. We approached each other in silence, took a moment to soak each other in, and let the gratitude swell. Then, one person would turn around, and the other would write a word or expression of gratitude on the paper taped to their back. 

The studies show that gratitude heals, inspires, and in every way nurtures our deepest love and appreciation for each other. I share the gifts of gratitude I received in my paper. I am nourished beyond words. 

How can you use gratitude today to nourish those around you? 

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