When have you felt valued at work?

The article title that came across my desk last Monday read, “The No. 1 thing women really want at work: ‘It boils down to 2 words,’ according to 800 executives.” It caught my interest. I paused to try and guess the two words.

I thought about my “executive” women friends. As I think about these friends, I also thought of how much what they are doing matters.

They are leading non-profits, building new research companies, managing law firms, and leading social services so desperately needed in their communities. These are highly competent, organized, and innovative women.

Some might say more money. Others might say a less demanding schedule of tasks and responsibilities. And that’s more than two words.

The two words “value them.” The article then when on to elaborate on how. The second point was increased pay. The first point is “Better practices, not just better policies.”

This month our theme is Practice. (Yes, we are talking about practice, not the game!) What was so interesting about the article, and the point of better practices, not policies, was a nuance.

“It’s not just company policies that define an employee’s work experience, but how managers act and behave as well.

Business leaders need to enforce behaviors that ensure all employees feel they can take advantage of benefits without repercussions.

Offering the option of remote work, for example, doesn’t guarantee that women who take advantage of it won’t be passed over for stretch assignments or be left out of project conversations.”

Well-intended policies and benefits can be in place; however, how seriously do we take them? How diligently do we uphold their spirit and purpose?

A practice can mean the “application or use of an idea, belief, or method, as opposed to theories relating to it” or “the customary, habitual, or expected procedure or way of doing something.”

When have you felt valued at work? What are the ways you have shown others they are valued? I’d love to hear from you.

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