A 30 Day Practice


Matt Cutts, who was with Google, is the master of 30 day challenges and describes some of why he likes them in his TED talk.

They are typically called 30-Day challenges but words matter to me and I prefer the word practice to challenge. Challenge almost sounds like a dare…practice concedes that I’m going to do it over and over again with the intent of refining. While I like challenges, I also like the intention of support and the permission to be human in that I may not be so good at something yet.

I find that 30 Day practices encompass three benefits.

#1. Narrow the focus of change for better success.
Often when we get inspired we think of everything we need to do or change and it is easy to get overwhelmed. Focusing on one thing at a time can shift to real results.

#2. Cultivate commitment and eliminate the daily indecisions of life.

Often when we think too much about something, it is harder to decide. Making a very specific commitment to do something for a finite amount of time is easier. Waking up and knowing you will walk for 30 minutes and having a system to make that happen and track it means you’re that much closer to having it become a habit. Repetition makes new activities easier. Every day of doing that new practice, you create a stronger mental pattern, and the new practice gets easier.

#3. Connecting with someone who can support you.

Change is significantly easier with the support of an accountability partner. My friend Nicole Stottlemyer wrote about her daily fun movement practice and the research on success when you embark on a new habit with a friend.


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I once did a 30 day practice of taking a photo every day. I had two friends I would text the photo to and posted it on my Facebook page. It was so awesome to have the support from these friends and their appreciation of my photos to keep me going. On day 30, I felt like I was just getting started, so I expanded the project to go for 180 days.

The practice of this daily challenge made me aware of how much beauty is always around me, even in my suburban neighborhood. It has made me anticipate going for a walk to see what I’ll discover daily. It has made me joyful as I’ve curated the photos and learned more about how to take better photos with my iPhone.

Are you ready to embark? We’re building a group on our Prasada facebook page to kick off a 30-day practice beginning September 1. But you can start anytime. We’re here for you…let us know what you’re doing, and keep us posted. Every day or whenever feels right for you.

One more detail about 30 day challenges…how to mark your progress. Some people like the big calendar with a big X approach. Here is a template for you guys. Others like something where they can write on the box details of each day.  For others posting on your own facebook page is the ticket or tracking it with an app. I like Day One and I’m sure there are others.

We’re here to cheer you on, support you, and celebrate your success.

Be well…it’s a state of mind.



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