Try this to get unstuck and move out of A season of broken dreams

Do you remember staring up into the night sky as a child with so many dreams? Noticing how big the sky looked, with so many stars, and wondering about all the possibilities for your life.

I also remember staring up into that same sky as an adult, disappointed at times with how things seemed to be turning out. At several points, I’ve felt like I was sinking into quicksand, and all my dreams were sinking too. 

It would probably be hard to find a person who has not had that sinking feeling at one time or another. You’re not alone if you have felt disappointed when it happens. 

When I had extended periods like this, which I fondly call my seasons of broken dreams, I tend to shut myself off and believe that I am the only person who has felt this crummy. That isolation just makes things worse. 

Eventually, I realize I need to reach out and reconnect. I need inspiration, energy, guidance, and support. There are many ways to do this, yet the one way that has delivered my closest inner circle of friends has been learning about and being part of a breathwork community. 

At first, when I joined a 9-month program for rebirthing breathwork, I just wanted to feel better. Over time I did, and the friendships with some of the others in that program are still important people that are in my life today.

As I explored more and more variations of breathwork, began training as a Transpersonal Breathwork facilitator, and attended weekend and extended week-long retreats, I met more and more people. As we spent time doing our own work and sharing with each other, we developed bonds beyond the typical social niceties. 

Something happened in these spaces as the group process unfolded, and we felt safe and able to lean into our own growth and evolution with tentative steps. 

Last year, I had the honor of helping to design and facilitate six retreats, in the US and Internationally, with Psychedelics Today as part of their Vital Training program. Over and over again, I witnessed what I had experienced, new connections, and the seeds of deep friendships that I have watched take root since those first connections. 

People finding their new best friend, others with shared interests connecting to plan future adventures, people supporting each other with their expertise, and rich webs of connections born during the shared time together.  

I’m writing today because Prasada has again designed a series of retreats called Vital Journeys. Many of the participants at the retreats will be the current Vital Students, and also, we have a few open spots that we wanted to share with you. 

The first Vital Journey is the one coming up soon in July in Pennsylvania. In a quiet mountain valley with miles of dark night sky, there is the possibility of some of those early dreams taking flight again. 

In the supported group process, you’ll be a breathwork journeyer and a sitter with a partner, and you have time to relax, connect and lean into the power of the community environment. 

We’d love to share more about what this experience might be like for you. Join us for a Prasada Talks on 6/29 from 12:30 to 1 pm to learn more, and if you’re curious now, here’s a link to check out that gives more details about the PA Vital Journey.  

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